2. Q1 2023

    - Global Launching of AVATARA(Blockchain P2E MMORPG)

  3. 2022년

    Strengthen development ability
    by business expansion

    Increase accessibility by moving headquarters to Samsung office

    Enhance game development ability for new projects through
    the large-scale recruitment of developers

  4. Q3 2022

    - Agreement on a global publishing of ‘Project M5’

  5. Q3 2022

    - ‘My Pet Diary’ Released (Launching on ‘Naver Zepeto’, a Metaverse platform)

  6. Q2 2022

    - Large-Scale Developer Recruitment

  7. Q1 2022

    - Relocate office to Samsung-dong

  8. 2021

    Strategic partnership and New Line-ups

    Secured stable development environment through Series B investment

    Initiated MMORPG development targeting global users

    Initiated blockchain based MMORPG development targeting the P2E market

  9. Q4 2021

    - Project C Development Initiated (Partnership with Naver Z’s metaverse platform “ZEPETO”)

    - Project AVATARA Development Initiated (Blockchain based MMORPG)

  10. Q3 2021

    - Series B Investment(Market Cap: USD 300 Million)

  11. Q2 2021

    - Project T Development Initiated (A life simulator MMORPG / Global Target)

  12. Q1 2021

    - Project M5 Development Initiated Led by Sae-yong Kim, producer of and

  13. 2020

    Preparing for the next leap

    Expanding the Global Experience with Rohan M

    Established Development System by forming overseas studios

    Started developing new next-generation MMORPG

  14. Q3 2020

    - Project Z Development Initiated (Next Generation MMORPG / Global Target)

    - Rohan M is released in Japan

  15. Q2 2020

    - Project L Development Initiated (Next Generation MMORPG / Korea Target)

    - Established Toppa Studio (NX3 USA)

    - Rohan M is released in Southeast Asia

  16. Q1 2020

    - Established Triple A Studio (NX3 China)

  17. 2019

    Establishing a stable foundation for growth

    Rohan M’s achievement in Korea and Taiwan,

    Achieved Gross Sales of 100 million USD

  18. Q3 2019

    - Rohan M is released in Taiwan (Reached No.2 in Google Play, App Store sales ranking)

  19. Q2 2019

    - Rohan M is released in Korea ( Reached No. 1 in App Store, No. 2 in Google Play sales ranking )

  20. June 2017

    - NX3Games established