NX3GAMES brings together an
industry-leading team of
Producers, Art Directors, Designers,
Technical Experts, and successful
Business Professionals.

  • What we believe

    We pursue for best work environment that is not tied to gender,
    age, and location. After we set the goal we want to go to, we find
    the most reasonable solution for it.

  • Our mission

    We pursue uncompromising quality and fun,
    Focus on the value of people.

We appreciate individuals who constantly challenge themselves to achieve “next” experience

  • 1
  • Self-Direction


  • Individuals who are not afraid to find solutions to problems on their own. (Individuals with wider field of view)

  • 2
  • Pioneer


  • NX3 GAMES always pursues new challenges.
    Do not settle for small successes but challenge ourselves to aim for greater success. We intend to grow by numerous and limitless attempts to reach our goals.

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  • Belief


  • Our culture is based on trust where it translates to genuine respect and care for our colleagues.
    This trust will go a long way when our team faces most difficult situations.

NX3GAMES provides
the best working environment and welfare for everyone.

Work flexibly and efficiently.

  • Flexible working hours and system

Fair and reasonable compensation subject to individual performance.

  • Performance compensation system

Provide safe and pleasant work environment.

  • Gift certificates for birthdays and holidays
  • Recognition for various life events
  • Lunch and dinner support (delivery)
  • Team dinner fee support
  • Free unlimited drinks and snacks

We care about the health of our employees.

  • Comprehensive Health Checkups

Hiring process

  • Document

  • Staff

  • Executives

  • Hiring

  • We review your application qualifications based on your resume or portfolio.
  • If there is any false information among the submitted information, employment may be canceled.

For our ever challenging projects
looking for the best candidates to join our team.

  • Game Design

  • Scenario, Balance, System, Content, Level Design, UI/UX

    We design responsive, immersive gameplay, and well-crafted levels that feel right. It’s all crafted with purpose. Our Game Designers are critical influencers in ensuring those experiences are fun and feel great.

  • Programming

  • Client, Server, DB

    Software engineering teams are lean and focused. They use their expert problem-solving skills to help deliver high-quality games that run well. Although our engineers may have specific areas of expertise or passion, they also have the opportunity to work on other areas that interest them.

  • Art Designs

  • Modeling, Original Painting, Effects, Animator, UI/UX, Concept Design

    Our artists are dreamers, inventors, visionaries, and polishers.
    They are crafters of high-quality designs and assets, but they are also game developers - collaborating with other disciplines to develop characters, worlds, gameplay, and beyond.

  • Business

  • Business Development, Investment, Marketing, Business PM, Operation, Promotion

    Expert product management team directly impacts keeping our players engaged by developing strategies for fun, meaningful features, and content of value. They collaborate closely with our onsite development team to design live events, assets, skins, and monetization that feels fair.

  • Management

  • Human Resources, Legal, Finance, General Affairs

    Support teams include IT, HR, finance, operations, and more. We look for people who are passionate about their area of expertise, thrive in a creative environment, and enjoy supporting team goals of delivering the best games possible while nurturing a positive employee experience for all who work here.